Sport Tour

However you define “sport touring”, it involves a crisp ride over twisty pavement. There’ll be plenty of that on this route! Solo or two-up, this is the kind of day-ride you’d plan yourself if you were intimately familiar with North Georgia’s best roads and you had the finest logistics available at your disposal. We’ve saved you all that trouble with our meticulous planning, so all you have to do is register, show up, and ride.

After a light breakfast and registration paperwork, riders will depart with precise directions for the route in hand. A tank bag map holder will come in handy to hold the route instruction sheet.

At the second checkpoint, after completing 2 of the 4 route segments, an ample lunch will be served at Two Wheels of Suches. During the lunch break, prizes will be awarded and we will learn about the amazing work of FOCUS + Fragile Kids.

The riding will be spectacular, the camaraderie of other motorcyclists will add to the enjoyment, and the feeling that you’ve done something important in the lives of the children we serve will be tremendous. Chances are good that you won’t be able to remember a more enjoyable sport touring ride.

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